Friday, 11 September 2015

Alyssa's Travelling Traditions!

Well first of all sorry their hasn’t been many posts this week! I have been out travelling so that I have lots to write about (I have a growing list about the size of my arm!). There’s 3 new travelling scrapbook stories on the way and lots of other things coming soon so stick around. Anyway this week I thought I’d talk about the traditions I have when travelling, some are new and some are really old (like tape deck old 0.0).

Many of the traditions I have come from caravanning from a really young age, others come from day trips and most recently, flying!

So here are my traditions. Don’t forget to tell me yours in the comments I love hearing them!

1.       Fish and chips, in true British style I can’t go on holiday without a good helping from the chippy.

2.       Croissants, every year in our caravan we’d buy croissants and smother them in country life butter!

3.       Scooter, this doesn’t happen anymore (I’m too big L) but as a child having a scooter or a bike to go to the park with was a must. (It’s practically the social order of the camp ;)

4.       Bacon and fried bread. Since it’s easier to fry than grill or toast in a caravan this was the excuse to have the much tastier fried bacon and fried bread rather than grilled with toast! Yummy

5.       Cards. This one’s a younger tradition. We’ve been playing cards on holiday for around 3 years.

6.       Elvis Presley tape. This one’s mega old but in my very first caravan we’d have breakfast with our Elvis tape playing. (Yes the caravan had an actual tape deck I was born in the 90’s)

7.       Sweets. Sometimes these were for long drives, plane rides, or simply from the holiday shops you have to have treats on a holiday! My favourite sweets are Revels, Chocolate Éclairs (perfect for hours in a car), and chocolate cups mmm…

8.       Beach visits. Even freezing cold winter couldn’t stop my bucket n’ spade!

9.       Ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

10.   Doughnuts. Although I don’t like these my family always had doughnuts (whilst I ate all the ice cream haha ;)

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-Alyssa <3



  1. Some nice traditions you are having there. I usually listen to my favourite Album when I am away. That became sort of an tradition. And of course checking out some of the local Ice Cream. :)

    1. Hi Thomas music is a must isn't it! Well I couldn't survive without anyway haha. Chocolate ice cream is my favourite.
      Thanks for check out the article.
      -Alyssa <3