Guest writers wanted!!

Would you like to guest write? Why not guest write for this blog? It's small but it's growing. The Travelling Times has had over 800 views in it's first week and a half and counting!
Here are my expectations (I promise I'm not that demanding ;)

I'm not picky as to what you wanna write as long as you can make it related to travelling. (You wanna write about fashion? Write about your fave outfits for travelling.)

Ideally posts should be a minimum of around 300 words long, but remember it's quality not quantity.

Please be sure to include an image or two! Make sure that these images are either within the public domain, or you own the rights to them (you took the photo and did not sell the rights).

Try to make posts as grammatically accurate as possible. (I'm no grammar geek nor do you have to be perfect, but full stops and capitals would be most appreciated.)

Be aware that by submitting an article you are giving your permission for it to appear on this blog and on any social networking site I see fit. However I would never take credit for your work, it belongs to you!

You should be willing to share the post to a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I will of course provide a link(s) of your choice.
To submit an article or discuss the possibility please email me with the subject " TTT guest post"
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
-Alyssa <3

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