Sunday, 23 August 2015

My travel bucket list!

Is it possible to be a travel geek? If so I definitely am one, when I’m not discussing my favourite holidays I’m planning my next one. So one day I was telling my friend how much I want to visit NYC at Christmas. Much to my surprise he came out with “NYC is one of the places I must see before I die”. This got me thinking about all the places I simply must see in my lifetime so I decided to do  a bucket list featured around travelling!
Without further Ado here is my travel bucket list…

1.       London, I’ve always wanted to visit London after all there’s the palace, big ben and now Harry Potter Studios.

2.       Somewhere by train! I actually don’t mind where but I really want to go on a train adventure and sleep on board somewhere picturesque with nice scenery.

3.       The orient express . This was listed as one of the 8 most amazing train journey’s and I soon as I saw it I was trying to find out the ticket price!

4.       Las Vegas I’m going to have to wait a few years, but I love arcades so the gambling here is definitely a big pro. I also want to experience the infamous nightlife and shows.

5.       Florida, okay so I have been but this is still on here since there’s lots I haven’t seen and I would go back tomorrow.

6.       Paris! I didn’t do all those French lessons for nothing you know ;)

7.       The Bahamas it’s a running joke in our family you ask someone were they’re going and they’ll say “The Bahamas”. That joke is half the reason I want to go the other half being that it’s exotic and has beautiful beaches.

8.       Japan, I want to try sushi, buy a Kimono and see cherry blossom trees! I’m also really curious about their super-pretty rooftops.

9.       Italy. The home of my favourite food pizza!

10.   Ireland! Let’s hope the luck of the Irish will take me here :-D

Thanks for reading let me know where you wanna go in the comments

-Alyssa <3



  1. I really like your blog and I will be sure to check out other posts in the future. I have been to the harry potter studios and I absolutely love it! You have to go. If you have a chance, please could you check out my blog? It would mean a lot to me if you did and us bloggers have to stick together!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lauren thanks for checking out the blog it means a lot! I'm actually checking out your blog right now and it looks awesome! Glad to hear that you liked Harry Potter Studios definitely gonna go
      -Alyssa <3

  2. Seeing the Harry Potter studios would be insane! That is something I want to do! Also you definitely have to go to Vegas, I live a hour or so away from there and it is such a fun place!


    1. It would definitely be insane. Glad to hear Vegas is good will be sure to go at some point. Thanks for checking out the blog!
      -Alyssa <3 xx